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About Us

Entrepreneurs are the job creators, service providers and wealth generators in our communities. 

They deserve access to the capital made available by the us government to enable small businesses to weather the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus.

According to the US Small Business Administration there are 7.9 million minority-owned businesses in the US, representing 29.3 percent of all businesses. Despite positive trends around business formation, people of color continue struggle to finance their businesses, leaving many undercapitalized and unprepared to survive shocks to the economy.  The coronavirus is disproportionately impacting the health of communities of color and economic impact will be just as devastating if there is not intentional effort to give minority entrepreneurs  the chance to keep their employees and save their businesses. 

Our Fair Share is a platform designed to create awareness and provide information about Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) established as a part of the CARES Act, help entrepreneurs prepare to apply for loans that if utilized according to the guidelines will be forgiven by the SBA and to enable entrepreneurs to submit applications to SBA lenders that want to provide capital to minority entrepreneurs.